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We are an alternative to the global competition. We offer an individual approach to the needs of our customers, and we seek solutions to freight problems that seem complicated to others.


As a member of the EGLN – Elite Global Logistics Network – and the WCA Network, we have reliable partners in even the most remote areas of the globe. We deliver cargo not only to Chicago and Shanghai, but also e.g. to the Namib Desert or the polar regions of Siberia.


Our worldwide deliveries include more than just car parts. We are also capable of transporting sophisticated research equipment, a herd of elephants to a Zoo, or a circus to Africa.

Ewals Cargo Care is not only a top European road and intermodal forwarder, but also a transporter of cargo to other continents.

The AIR/OCEAN office in Pardubice comprises a team of experienced specialists who are capable of delivering consignments to the rest of the world and back.

  • We do not bother our customers with corporate procedures and bureaucracy. Our company's work is always performed by people, not Robots.
  • If you have the feeling that you are not understood elsewhere, give us a try.
  • We will certainly at least provide you with advice.

Your logistic partner

Ewals Cargo Care is working on flexible, efficient and long-term functioning transport solutions since 1906.

Ewals Cargo Care is your partner for any type of transport and logistics solutions, regardless of whether it is a road, intermodal, air, ocean, oversized transport or supply chain management.


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